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[PAID] Music for a Action RPG game



We are a small indie team looking for a music to work on our upcoming console/PC action RPG.

The work consists in creating a set of themes, from combat to ambient.



•             It will be done for the whole set. Just name the cost.

•             It can be done either by bank transfer or Paypal, as you prefer.



You must have a minimum of business-level English or Spanish communication skills.

All pieces created will be fully owned by our studio, and they may not be used in other projects without express written consent (you may, however, use all work in your portfolio).

Things must be 100% legal; we will require a signed contract and an invoice for the payment.


As reference, you can check the style of the music we are looking for taking as reference our previous game.

If you are interested, please, contact us with your rates and a portfolio that we could evaluate as appropriate for the job.

[email protected]


Please write "Music Artist (YOUR NAME)" in the email subject line.

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