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Substance painter to 3DS Max Vray export ?

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Filip5 polycounter lvl 8
Hey guys, I ve tried to import textures from substance painter into Max, Vray. But no matter what I tried, I simply could not get them in. First, I ve exported materials out of painter for Vray and I have also changed shader to vray in sp.

This is what I got 

Now I went into Max, tried to import textures using substance option in the top bar. Trough and trough, max always asks for sbsar, which sp can't export. so it never finds materials

I have also tried Painter to Vray script, which also failed to load the materials

At this point I have no clue where am I making mistake. Or is this broken ? I have used this script about a year ago and it worked, but not anymore. How could I actually get these textures into max, without having to assign them manually, because there is lot of them.


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