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3DS Max cpu Rendering; AMD Ryzen 3900X - Rendering Help

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Hi guys,

I'm a student currently studying 3D Modelling and Animation. However, I feel as though I am bottle-necking on my renders for some reason. 
I am in the middle of my Graded Unit, at rendering stage but for the below image which is a 3 simple spheres w/ textures (1x 6K Surface, 1x 6K clouds w/ opacity and 1x transmissioned surface texture to give atmosphere) oh and the rings are just a 1 poly plane with 1x 1K texture w/ opacity
Now this was renders out at 1280x720 (in arnold) and took just over 1h 30m to render. Does this sound right or am I missing something?

any help would be greatly appreciated. 

if you want anymore details please just ask.



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    Something is definitely wrong, a render like that should be finished almost instantly. Are you able to post the file?
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    Are you using the arnold shaders or the basic shaders of 3dsmax?

    Try to test render everything with a material override and a standard arnold shader. It should speed things up quite a lot.

    In general it would be a good idea to use meshes for the asteroid rings. Arnold is very fast at rendering geo but gets slow when it has to render opacity masked surfaces. When we render trees or grass for commercial spots we rendered real geo instead of alpha planes because it was faster for arnold to sample the geo then to sample the opacity mapped planes.


    Don´t forget to convert your textures to .tx files. These are mipmapped versions of your textures. This willl speedup your renderings. Arnold will only load the optimal resolution based on the viewing distance.

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