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I dont know where to orientate..


I dont really know in which category i should specialize Character Artist or 3D Artist..
how do you found out in wich Category you wanted to go ? Im really confussed i hope you could understand me..



  • oglu
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    oglu polycount lvl 666
    Do you have created anything? Just start with the Basics and decide later. 
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher veteran polycounter
    try both until you find one you clearly enjoy doing more and then focus on that. there is no rush, its going to take years to get good, so might as well invest your time figuring out what you actually enjoy the process of doing/making. it's perfectly fine to dabble in the beginning if you don't know what you are passionate about yet. 
  • YF_Sticks
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    YF_Sticks polycounter lvl 5
    Try to just jump in. Start creating. Try stuff, that's the most important thing. I wanted to become a weapon artist at first but then found my passion for environments. It's gonna take a while and a lot of work. But once you know which direction, go all-in on it.
  • Nandx
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    Nandx polycounter lvl 4
    Agreed with what they said. At first I just wanted to make games, then little by little I started doing small props, weapons, small characters and eventually I picked character art as specialization. Don't worry too much and create stuff you want to make. :)
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter
    making a small game is great way to get a taste of everything, and learn a lot more than if you just do one thing in isolation. Instead of asking the question, "guys is this topo good for animation?" you'll learn first hand by doing rigging and animations.

  • Barbarian
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    Barbarian polycounter lvl 10
    There are fewer character artist jobs compared to environment artists (for example). Character art requires understanding of anatomy and other skills as well and tend to be more competitive. As suggested above, start making props, weapons, and environment scenes. You can always study anatomy and learn organic sculpting along the way.
  • sacboi
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    sacboi insane polycounter
    I like cars and military themed stuff which played a big part when choosing a discipline too specialize in, so as already mentioned pick by doing is usually the optimal path to take.
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