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[WIP] Desert Temple

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valentin_baguirov polycounter lvl 3
Whats up peeps? After a long lay off off of any 3d work and getting a bit burned out , went on and a got a career started in the fitness industry. Right now im doing 3d as a hobby and whatnot and wanna break into the game industry again.

Rough Done in less than 2 days

What do you think? Definetly needs polishing, but I feel like im not close to this stage yet, like I need to add an interesting focal point to the middle ground, but what? Also feels like I need to break the rythm with those straight columns but at the same time I feel like collapsing one of them would be too cheesy (or not?). No zbrush was used btw which is crazy (I dont have a pad where to zbrush atm). Definetly wanna push this a lot more to have it as a nice piece in my portfolio.

Guys, thanks in advance to everyone for the feedback!


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