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Sc-Fi Ship Project

polycounter lvl 5
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zHost polycounter lvl 5
So here is the latest project I have been working on, a sc-fi ship. Currently looking for some feedback on the materials of the ship, as well as any or critique, thanks.


  • m00k
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    m00k polycounter lvl 3
    Nice design!  I'm getting a bit of an wipeout vibe very cool!

    As to critique of the materials I note the following:

    - Some of the noise/ weathering looks a little to procedural I'd try to break that up with some work by hand.

    - The glass looks a tad too simple at the moment.

    - Also the edges of the panels especially on the last image on the left side, look too noisy.

    Also I'd disable the HDRI backdrop when presenting your work, especially when it doesn't suit the subject.

    I'm guessing you're rendering in blender so if you go into the render tab you can check transparent under film and it wont add the HDRI image in the background.

    Keep it up!
  • simonBreumier
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    simonBreumier greentooth
    Cool work :) I really like the stingray-like shape (reminds me a bit of Halo)
    As a complete beginner, yet external, point of view, I feel like there is too much bumps and scratches at some places which don't feel natural.
    In particular at those places:
    In zone 1 there should not be an homogeneous bump on the whole place, to relate with @m00k comments, it looks too procedural, there should be a story to how those bumps where formed.
    Similarily, I would make less scratches in zone 2, I don't see a situation in which this whole tiny side would be sratched.

    Out of curiosity, did you texture it using Substance ?
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