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[WIP] Tanya von Degurechaff

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Hello all! Made this account long ago but never posted any of my work. Until recently I've decided to be more active on that front and I'm hoping to get feedback on the projects I tackle! I hope you can assist me! The current project I'm working on as a character named Tanya von Degurechaff. She has 3 different looks coming from different sources. I'm sampling from all 3 of these sources and aiming the look to be loosely realistic. The main thing I want to take from this project is Vray rendering, a better understanding of lighting, and heavily refining my character modeling skills. Well, modeling skills in general. Here is the current progress I've made on her:

There are a lot more wip shots in regards to the face, but the reason I'm holding back on uploading them is due to the face going through many... many changes. I hardly have any experience making faces much less younger ones. It's definitely been a struggle I'd appreciate help with. As far as progress goes for her face, I have her displacement maps, SSS, diff, and specs done. Eye textures are also completed, but I do plan to edit them a bit before final renders which will be quite some time from now. I'm currently focusing on improvements on her Ystrap and adding high details there. After that I will be adding details to the coat and texturing it within substance painter along with her boots,pants, and y-strap. Once textures are ready I will be putting together their vray materials and start progressing towards hair x-gen. That will take awhile, but only after that will I head into final renders. I do plan on giving her weapons, a rifle and pistol, but I wanted to save those as treats/rewards for actually managing to complete her. Again, I'm not very experienced with character modeling, only doing small portions of the pipeline in my previous job. This will my first time handling a character from scratch.. A very exciting and daunting experience.


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