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Regular and Senior Technical Artist Roles (Dead Island Franchise)

Dambuster Studios is hard at work making the next instalment in the Dead Island franchise the most eye-popping zombie game out there, both literally and figuratively.

 To help us do this we need talented people to join our Technical Art team. We currently have both regular and senior positions available, requiring two and five years of experience respectively.

 We know that Technical Art is a broad church and part of the fun is in applying your knowledge and analytical skills to new and varied challenges. With this in mind, we have chosen not to create a specific checklist of required skills.

 Instead, you can be experienced in special effects or lighting, materials or optimisation, making really useful art tools or anything else that could reasonably be deemed technical art - if you’re good at what you do then we can find a place for you!

 Interested? Send us your CV and portfolio with some examples of how you have produced beautiful things in clever ways. Disgusting things are also welcome - this is a zombie game after all.

*Please note* This is not a Technical Animator position - so if all your experience is in rigging, skinning and that sort of thing, then you might be better off applying for our Technical Animator role.

Apply here: https://www.dsdambuster.com/careers 

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