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Controling normals in Speedtree (How to change pivot of puffiness)

polycounter lvl 4
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RocKenny polycounter lvl 4
Hey, i have been struggling to deal with this issue, I am attaching a picture to help you guys understand probably better than words. I am trying to move the pivot to the canopy of the tree, i really dont need it at the base of the trunk (I would like to deal with this inside speedtree and not by exporting it out to max and transfering the normals from a sphere, im sure it can be done inside speedtree itself). The model itself is just a test model, no need to tell me it looks rubbish B)
I have selected the leaf mesh itself and set puffiness to GLOBAL and moved it to 1 from 0 (In the lightning section). SpeedTree v8 , i tried looking for a solution online but didnt find anything relevant.  
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