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[WIP] - Scifi/Industrial Hard Surface Textures - Substance Painter - Fusion 360 - Xnormal

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Edit: I realize that I may have posted this in the wrong forum section - if a moderator sees this I believe it should be moved to 3D art showcase and critiques

Hey guys, I am new here to polycount. I was wondering if I could get some critiques on some scifi textures that I have made using Fusion 360 and Substance Painter. Since this is my first post, let me know if more info is needed about my workflow/technique. I will try to go into detail the best I can for now.

Some info about me, I actually never went to any sort of educational institution for 3d modeling or game development. It is actually something I do on the side for fun, although I have in the past created 3d models for sale on turbosquid (starting back in 2011 and ending around 2014 ish). That was a long time ago, back when my modeling and texturing skills were quite poor haha. The models I created are still up though and every now and then I get a few bucks I guess. I am completely self taught bar a couple of 3ds max courses I took as a dual enrolled student in high school, where I kept learning how to model in max/maya from there. My current occupation is in the field of mechanical engineering, which is why I actually chose to use Fusion 360 for the hard surface modeling process (I am very well versed in SolidWorks and Siemens NX as well, having used it to make mechanical assemblies and such for personal projects/coursework/internships). I am now about a year out of college working in the automotive industry.

I wanted to make a post here on this site mainly because I know that there are very many talented people on here who work within the game industry, and I want to see what I can do to make my work better since I plan on getting back into selling models/textures again. The below images are part of a very large texture pack I am working on which I plan on marketing as a high quality product accross multiple platforms to help pay off some of my student loans in the future.

Now to cut to the chase, I very recently built a new desktop PC so I could model quicker as well as have the power to run substance painter and other programs like it. As such, I am very new to substance, however I found it very easy to pick up as a beginner. Below are some screenshots of the textures that I have painted which I am requesting some input on. Let me know if more detailed shots are needed. These are also screen captures from the viewport and are not Iray renders. Texture resolution is 2048x2048 and they are using PBR shaders.

My main concerns are if there is too much roughness going on or if they look unrealistic, if the materials are not reflecting properly etc. I made these relatively quickly, using ID maps that I baked out of Xnormal from .SAT files I exported out of Fusion 360 (converted to poly meshes at high resolution settings in Max). I went for a gritty/industrial theme, but mainly took inspiration from games like Doom 3, Doom 2016, Crysis, and many others. Not to mention the numerous portfolios of well-known CG artists I looked at for reference and learning new techniques.

My workflow goes something like this:

Model texture using a reference canvas in Fusion 360 > export as an Autocad .sat file > import into 3ds max at high resolution > export highpoly and lowpoly (2d plane) as .fbx > bake out ambient occlusion/normal/height/cavity maps in Xnormal > Import all maps into substance for painting.

I really enjoy using Fusion for its non-destructive solid modeling capabilities as if I don't like something, I can just roll it back in the modifier stack. It also allows for making more complex shapes in a hassle-free fashion.

Any feedback I can get is appreciated greatly, criticism or not! I will take it into account, make tweaks, and keep updating my progress here.

Thanks everyone!

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