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[WIP] Princess Mononoke / San

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Looks like it has been roughly ten years since I last posted on this forum so I thought it might a good idea to share my progress on my newest project and I'd really appreciate some fresh eyes on this.
The goal is to get a realistic real time ready character in the end based on San, also known as Princess Mononoke or the Wolf Girl, from the Studio Ghibli movie called Princess Mononoke.
It's all right to say "Good job!" or give thumbs up's, I honestly don't mind that, but really what I'm after is some critique and good ideas how to push the character to be the best it can be.
Let me know if there is something you'd like to see better images of.

Thank's in advance. :)

Here are some renders from zbrush. Many things are still very placeholder including for example all the hair and fur.

Here is my pureref board of some of the references I have used so far. She is not based on anyone's specific likeness but there are some pictures that have influenced my sculpting.

I have already done some test's to see how the sculpted skin detail reads in marmoset with sss and everything.


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