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[2D Animation] Need an artist for design and animation of 2D monsters.


I am working on a 2D platformer game and I need many animated monsters (maybe 30+). Here are the details:

-Monster Body:
1-Monsters should not have too many details. Here is an example of what I am looking for.
2-Monsters will have more than one version for example.
   A-Original Creatures.
   B-Creatures with new items (Skeleton with a bow, or skeleton with a sword).

-Coloring style:
Here an example of what i am looking for.

Each monster should have 4 animations (idle, move, attack and death).

One note: I am a developer that always loves making 2D games and I already have developed many. In the future, we may work on multiple projects together, or even introduce you to my friends who are game developers as well.

Please Answer the following questions:

1- How much for making a new monster?
2- How much for making a modified monster (adding a weapon for example)?
3- Have you made something similar before? If yes then share an example, please.

Please answer all the questions, not answering them means the application will sadly be ignored.

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