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The Hierophant. 'First contact' Alien entry.

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Zatoichi polycounter lvl 18
Well, once more into the fray. My first post in 11 years?! I read my old posts on here from the early 00's where I was trying to learn zbrush but gave up. Finally spent some money for the program and the course The Extra Mile and *Boom!* that's the motivator!  Here's my first zbrush project that I just entered into the First Contact contest. Not expecting to win, but a good deadline. I think i bit off more than I can chew for a first project? Used Zbrush's Polypaint. I'd like to texture him in Substance Painter, but Zbrush likes to crash when UV unwrapping the guy. Still learning! >.<                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Old concept sketch


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