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Maya/Arnold Texture fidelity

So the scene I have currently has a Plane which is 6400 Polys, AiSkyDome and an area light. The texture from Bridge is the Icelandic Rock Cliff and  has all files in 8k and EXR format. I Understand that this is not an issue with mega scans but your advice on the Arnold side would be great to have.  

As stated from previous posts the issue i am having is that the image fidelity seems really low for 8k particularly when compared to the rendered images and preview in bridge. Also the displacement doesn't seem to work correctly, by that i mean that it is working but again not getting high enough fidelity on the displacement. displacement is not something i have done a lot of in the past. Also my MipMap bias is set to 0.

 I have attached a screen grab of my sub div settings on the plane, the hypershade network, a close up render and a render at 1080p so you can see what i mean.


  • Obscura
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    That is simply the quality that  an 8k texture can provide in a case of such close-up, and nothing to do with arnold or maya. The 8k tex covers the whole mesh and on the last pic you show a small crop of it. You are also using a very uniform lighting, mostly occlusion, no direction or hotspots. In games, movies, cg images, this resolution thing isn't so obvious when the image is nicely lit. You can also layer up multiple textures at increasing tiling rates, which will give somewhat better results in up-close.
  • oglu
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    Go to 5 with your SubD iterations. A 8k map does store more than 16mil pixel.

  • David_McCabe
    Thank you both for the helpful comments. Ill take that all onboard. i'm wondering if I could get your input on something else as well. I'm making a scene in a car park and I would like to have the ground an asphalt texture but then i also want the lines for the parking spaces and then also maybe some cracks to break the repetition of the asphalt texture. Any input on the correct workflow to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.
  • David_McCabe
    Also @Obscura would you have a link to a resource or tutorial that would help explain the process for "layering up multiple textures at increasing tiling rates". Many Thanks
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