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Looking for 3dArtist and Style Artist for our UE4 project

Hi all,
I hope you have a  wonderful day!
We are the new team, that dreams to create our mobile game with UE4.  We have started our work with several free assets, but we found that our style of 3d animations and characters are not awesome. So now, we want to ask somebody to help us understand and develop the concept of environment design and general style. We will be happy if someone can help us to create 3d characters or if somebody wants to join our team as an artist.  
Also as additional information, it will be perfect if someone can join us before 10 May, cause we have some plans to participate as a team in one game dev challenge with prize fund. 

The general information about our game:

Genre: Survival & Tower defense, Fantasy;

Style: 3d Game;

Platforms: Android;

Engine: UE4

What we are looking for:

Help from 3d character artist, concept artist/environment artist


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