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[PAID] Game / Level designer for tactical RPG (Fire emblem, xcom)

Proelium Games is in need of a game / level designer for www.proeliumtactics.com

Below are some of the responsibilities this position entails. You will be primarily working with excel spreadsheets (or very light UE4 work) and Tiled Map Editor. No UE4 experience is required but is highly preferred. 
  • Creating balanced, challenging and fun army compositions to work with our procedural spawner and predefined scenarios for quests
  • Managing spreadsheets with units’ stats, equipments and traits
  • Managing item lists for vendors, assigning quests (type, frequency, etc.) to vendors and configuring the recruitable soldier rosters
  • Developing tiered progressions for enemy’s equipment sets
  • Creating new ideas for weapons and armors
  • Creating level layouts in tiled map editor or preferred method

Please e-mail me at [email protected] with resume and portfolio. Please mention your experience with tactical RPGs whether as playing them or work experience. Applicant's without portfolios or documents demonstrating their design abilities will not be considered.

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