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Arena Fighter Development Team looking for new members/artists

We are Neroclow, a 3 developers team based in South Korea. We are working as hobbyists on a Multiplayer Arena Fighter heavily inspired by Power Stone (1 and 2). However, we want to provide players with more moves and items (to add some depth to fights) and add crazier (and less technical) situations to break the usual fighting gameplay loop (with min-games/challenges like Mario Party, as transitions between 2 stage phases)

Regarding the Art Direction, we aim to pay tribute to late 90’s/early 00’s games, and try to follow the design principles used by Shovel Knight (inspiration coming from a lot of games, but with less technical limitations and more modern approach to some decisions). Thus, we are looking to use Low-Poly/Retro/Mobile quality 3D models, in a colored universe, not taking itself too seriously (Our main inspirations being Power Stone 1 and 2, Skies of Arcadia and Soul Calibur 1 and 2.

There is no artist in our team, so we are looking for people looking to join us as hobbyists to move the project forward. If our project becomes increasingly important and if we are given the chance, we will release the game on PC and consoles and adopt a rev share model.

For the time being, we are looking for concept artists, character designers and 3D character modelers. Our first deadline is the last week of May : we want to submit our game to an indie game festival (planned in September) and we need to have at least one original playable character (designed, modeled and rigged).

You can reach us via PM, email via neroclow(at)protonmail.com or Twitter via https://twitter.com/neroclowgames

You can find here some visuals of the current state of the game : https://imgur.com/a/CNblW4E
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