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VSS Vintorez low poly game asset.

polycounter lvl 2
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MaximCg polycounter lvl 2

I'm learning to make game props and would be glad to hear some critique or tips.

Made in blender and substance painter, renders made in marmoset.



  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool
    Your model looks nice!
    Can we see some wires?
    The material definition is not so nice. Apart from the wood, which looks good, everything else needs more work, imho. The upper reciever metal looks like its been submerged under water or taken from a rainy scene. The rubber from the scope looks more like plastic, too dull and uniform. The random fingerprints and seldom normalmap waviness dont help either.
    As for the model, i cant talk about proportions or accuracy because i am not sufficiently familiarised with the gun, aka havent attempted to model it yet. But there are some sharp edges here and there and some weirdly protruding shapes:

  • MaximCg
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    MaximCg polycounter lvl 2
    teodar23 Thanks for the feedback!
    You are right about materials ,it's less glossy in sketchfab viewer, but anyway glossier than it should be (normals and fingerprints could be better also).
    But the scope does have this weird shape.
    Also, there's link on sketchfab in the op, its probably better way to check the mesh than renders.

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