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[FPS - 3D Game] Seeking Game Artist

Hello everybody!

Before to explain my project and which competencies i am looking for, i will start to present myself. Note : First, sorry for my english, it is not my native language. ;-)

I am Kevin D., i have 29 years old and i live in the north of France. I did my studies in computer sciences (development), network and security. In my previous jobs, i was Java and PHP developer and today i am ingineer; i develop and provide tools for OPS (system admin).

I always wanted to understand how to develop a video game. That's why since 1 month I started to learn Unity in order to develop my own video game. During the time i followed the training, i though about which type of video game i would like to develop and today my mind is clear enough to start the development of it.

Important to note that nothing is frozen, i develop features step by step... It is important for me to work like that with short iteration and to deliver small feature regularly instead of wanted to wait a complete full game before to deliver. I think it is the best to stay motivated!

As you undertood, i am a technical guy (coding, game design, logic...). In the meantime, as the leader of project, i manage the project globally (organization, task management...). Today, the most important competencies missing is the artistic part.

Before to indicate which profil i am looking for, i will present the project:

First of all, it is important to note that this project is an amateur project developed and built by gaming lovers, for gaming lovers. You can find the link here where you could download the first prototype to discover the game: https://kdefives.itch.io/skill-warm-up

If you tested the game, then i think you already undrstood the game concept. This is a type of FPS game with the main target (gameplay) to kill enemies before they take the magical portal. This magic portal allow monters to reach the human world and enemies want to take it to destroy humanity. That's why humans created the colossus to protect them. The colossus mission is to protect his creators, to save Humanity.

Globally, the universe is a mix of :

In term of planning and "todo list", as indicated above, i want to keep short cycle delivery. That's why i do not have a full word file which contains 100% of the game. Simply because gameplay evolved everytime with new ideas, even if i already know the "core concept". Nevertheless, it does not mean the project is not organized, in fact, before to start development of new feature, there is a conception phase before, everytime. For instance, please find below the Trello board that i am using to organized project tasks:

So, i think you understand, we progress step by step, cleanly, without headache, but with passion. :-)

Now that you know more aboyt myself and the project, below who i am looking for:

I am looking for someone to manage Artistic Direction. Don't worry about that word, it "simply" means that i need someone to take in charge develop artistic part of the project and the visual identity of the game.

Artistic direction includes : graphic designer (game charter), artist concept (game rought), 2D/3D artist, animator ans sound designer. Important : I am open minded and i thin everybody can have a great ideas that's why if you want to participate on the gameplay concept too, there is no problem to work on it with me. ;-)

Even if you think that you can only take a part of this job, do to hesite to apply. This is a amateur project, no pressure, we take our time. You can take a role even if you are not a master of it in order to improve your skill on it. Motivation is the key word. ;-)

Concretely, here some artistic tasks which could start:

  • Imagine and create the 3D magical portal used by golem to reach the human world
  • Imagine and create monsters
  • Imagine and create the world (environment)
  • Imagine and create the colossus

I am currently using free assets from Unity Asset Store. As a Game Artist, i believe in your talent and feel free to rethink the design as you want: "carte blanche".

Related to the royalties part, as you will take part of the project, we will decide together how to manage this part : paid game or free game based on donation... Nevertheless, as i consider the artistic part is also important as coding, we will do 50/50.

To conclude, thanks to read my staffing topic, do no hesitate to contact me if you are interrested. Here a screenshot of the current prototype:

Thanks / Merci!

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