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(PAID) a small 3d tool that can create character illustrations and concept arts based on details

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Jadav polycounter lvl 2

we don't know if this will be possible or not but still we will try to post this work here.We are looking for a freelancer who can create a small tool that can create character concept arts and sketches based on details and sample images.Let us describe this in more details.As everyone might know that there are many 3d small programmes for game engines that can help in creating a city automatically and no work has to be done seperately.Just like this we need a small 2d tool to get created by a freelancer a tool that can automatically create or Generate 2d character concept arts and illustrations.The main functions this tool will have will be:-

1.An option to import images
2.An option to write descriptions and details for the concept arts
3.An option to generate the drawing based on sample images and detail descriptions
4.An option to view the generated Concept design and export it in .png file format.

The main purpose of this tool is for those people and freelancers who are unable to create draw concept arts and sketches.This is a paid job and we would like to know if it will be possible for any freelancer to prepare this kind of tool.Hope to receive any reply.
please contact [email protected]


  • rollin
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    rollin interpolator
    I like the idea.. Kind of sitting nicely between the "Make Art Button" and "AI replacing humans".

    Sounds like a big AI company could pull it of, if not now then maybe in a few years.. And bit less fantastic as your description goes. More like the AI-Face generator.

    Another option would be to build something like the Company-Name-Generator just for concepts. But this would be more of a basic idea giver rather then something called 'concept art'

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