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Hello, Apophrades Games is currently seeking to fill positions within our team to work on our game: Reservoir!

Reservoir is a Third-Person Story-driven survival horror single-player game. The game is inspired by the mechanics and design found in games like Resident Evil and Last Of Us.

Who We Are:
We are Apophrades Games, a new Indie game studio made up of talented and passionate developers, with a variety of skill sets. Our ambition is to create single-player narrative-driven games that utilize interesting gameplay mechanics and cinematics to tell compelling stories.

Our current team composition:
2 programmer
2 3D Environment Artists
1 Character Artist
1 Animator
1 Sound Designer/Composer

Finding a dedicated team can be a challenging endeavor, so here is a snippet of the game so far. We have more going on than what's revealed publicly, as that is the nature of the business.

Payment: Deferred. (You'd get paid in full to work on the full game, but we are working on a test level to get funding. If rates are reasonable within my budget, I can pay for work on the demo as well, but don't have a lot of money)

What we are looking for:
Level Designer that can help finish the design of our level for the demo, as well as place assets. If you are at all interested in becoming a part of Apophrades Games, please feel free to get in contact via:

Unreal Engine 4.23

To Apply
The Project Lead's
Discord ID -cmichel#5110
Email- carmichel94@gmail.com
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