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Research 3D Artist (General/Technical/VFX) for VR/AR - Dresden

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The TU Dresden Immersive Experience Lab (ixlab.io) is seeking a talented 3D artists, scientists and engineers to join us in the creation of experimental immersive experiences and applications.

The Immersive Experience Lab conducts interdisciplinary research into the foundations, technology, applications and implications of immersive media - media in which virtual or remote people, objects, events or worlds are experienced in some way as real and present. Our work combines elements of perceptual and cognitive science, computer science and engineering, philosophy, phenomenology and art and design.

We are seeking a 3D artist with a broad range of skills and experience and an interest in developing a career in research. Particularly valued skills include:
  * Generalist 3D skills: modelling, texturing, lighting...
  * Character rigging and animation
  * Real-time 3D and game engine experience
  * VR or AR development experience
  * Procedural, generative or simulation-based techniques
  * Software: Maya, Blender, Unity, Unreal, Houdini...)

Working in an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, you will create immersive experiences using state-of-the-art multi-user virtual and augmented reality systems.

The position is ideally suited for someone interested in pursuing a career in research. You will have the opportunity to publish academically, present at conferences and supervise students. The position offers opportunity to pursue a PhD.

  Salary: E13 TV-L
  Type: Part-time or full-time
  Language: English (knowledge of German not necessary)
  Location: Dresden
  Application deadline: 4th May 2020

For more information, see https://tu-dresden.de/inf/im/about/jobs
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