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[WIP] Titanfall Fanart, MCOR "Maurauder" Pilot Desmond

insane polycounter
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Brian "Panda" Choi insane polycounter
Creating a character that will accompany the Legionnaire Titan fanart I am working on.  Going to make adjustments to make this "Irish-American" or "Irish" on the design.  Original concept by Poji Chow.

Using the likeness of friend, Joe Coffey, for this guy's head.

Going to see how far I can push this, especially with the head.

I feel like I'm constantly relearning or revalidating my hard surface workflow.  Like, with difficult shapes, I feel like it still takes too long to Zbrush sketch the idea out and then retopologize it for the final high poly.  Otherwise I have the planar blockout method, or using MOP Booleans which starts chugging when I want to export the final mesh out to Modo.  If anyone knows of a faster technique, please let me know.

Also, to anyone reading this, no matter how far into your career you are, you're gonna want to keep a journal document of all the things you've learned.   I find myself populating a OneNote journal with everything I've learned so I don't have to rely on my memory and instinct to keep it all in like a dumb hubris-filled person.


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