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Glock 19 3d model

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otmaster6 polycounter lvl 2
I have made this 3d model of a glock 19 and I would like to hear your opinion about it. I would also like if you could give me some tips to make it look even more realistic. Sorry for just a one picture, but I can upload more if you need. It still doesn't have text or square bumb normals on the handle .


  • Zi0
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    Zi0 polycounter
    I see pinching in a couple of places, try to get rid of it.
  • Tiggis
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    Tiggis triangle

    In terms of the model it looks like you got some pinching around some of the edges. Buttom part of mag looks like it doesn't align with the frame, but it's hard to tell at that angle. Rear sight looks a little bit of from the real one, unless it's a custom one. They also look very sharp too.

    Textures could really use more work, because right now they are not that interesting, it needs more love/story/character to it to push it further. Right now the roughness looks pretty much the same accros the whole model, you also got these random scratches all over the slide and it pretty much looks more like a toy then a real one.

    What it needs is more color and roughness variation. The noise on your frame could use more variation like two/three white noise to push the grain to look more real. Take a looks these reference images here 1 2 3 4, if you pay attention/look for these details that are both small and large, that is something you glock needs to push it further.

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