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Lizard Creature and Environment

Hi everyone! Id really appreciate some feedback and critique on this model that I sculpted in ZBrush and Rendered in Maya. Let me know your thoughts :)


  • Pirax
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    Pirax triangle
    Hey man, are you gonna pose the creature? Might help to sit it better within the environment - I'd also look to improve on the foliage as its letting the shot down a little bit. 
    The creature looks cool though and the fur has come out really well! Definitely not an easy thing to get right. All the more reason to present it well!  =)
  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan polycounter
    I would like to see more defined shapes and anatomy definition. A lot of the details kind of look like they were drawn on instead of sculpted in. Although that might just be because your low res and high res aren't matched up well, and your normal map is struggling to do too much. But still, I think taking another pass at anatomy definition would help. Especially around the legs, feet, and torso.

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