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Critique for game logo

godlike master sticky
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Alex_J godlike master sticky
I know this isn't the typical artwork people post here, but I'm really bad at logos and appreciate any opinions.

The logo here on the steam page preview is my top candidate so far:

and here is the pool I've created so far:

I think the lower ones with map look clean and professional, but too technical and boring. I like the simplicity of the old school camo ones, but they don't say much. The landscape ones are no good. I think the arched logo and centered compass tells you a lot right away and has a dynamic feel. It's important to not make the game look boring because the first thing people who don't know about land nav ask is, "so it's a walking sim?"

In general, this is a game all about precision, so I think clear straight lines with major elements neatly aligned works well. The main colors in the game, besides natural foliage colors, are red and neon green. (red light for night operations, and green chemlights mark the post you are trying to find)

I also tried making some typical military unit type emblems, but that takes a talent I don't have. Plus, they don't tend to use the rectangular space very well.

I'm open to any new ideas though.


  • sacboi
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    sacboi insane polycounter
    The design on your steam page is simple and more importantly succinctly communicates exactly the software's intent which I think certainly deserves serious consideration as a logo for your game, at least in my opinion.

    My first content creation job/commission though unpaid was in 1978, basically a anthropological textbook cover logo design during senior highschool and ever since had continued to dabble a bit with product graphic design. Now put simply the sole purpose of a logo is to Identify, be it product, person, service or whatever plus not commonly known either has nothing todo with art -

    Also further info relating too artists rights/ethics/business that will prove useful -


  • Will_Maccabe
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    Will_Maccabe polycounter lvl 3
    Hi, I like "headercapsule11.png" and "headercapsule12.png" the most. I think most of these suffer from the text of the "Land Nav" virtually touching the edge of the badge and it looks nicer and more legible when there is space to breath (e.g. headcapsule 04.png).  Hope it helps.

    p.s. I can donate a little time to help you out if you want a logo done as a .png? Just PM me with details of what you need.
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky

    I'm happy to have to some help with this. :)

    However, I just made a decision to make a change to the theme and it is significant enough that probably the logo out to change as well. So I need to get the project to where I can play it a bit with our new environment/theme, then I'll have a better idea how to represent that with a new logo.

    But it probably wouldn't be too different. I'll send you a p.m. once I get to that point again.
  • Will_Maccabe
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    Will_Maccabe polycounter lvl 3
    Sure, message me when you're ready.  The environments look great by the way.
    Good luck!
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