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[Maya] Select only weighed joints?

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BTDarmstad polycounter lvl 4

I've got this free character rig that I'm going to animate and implement into Unreal Engine 4 for my portfolio. While setting it up, I noticed that the rigger didn't create selection sets or layers for the skeleton and mesh, so I have to create those myself. The rig contains a lot of additional joints that are only used in the rig and no mesh is skinned to them. I'd prefer to not import those joints into UE4, because they only cause unnecessary warnings. Is there any way to filter search to weighed joints only?


  • pasha_sevez
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    pasha_sevez polycounter lvl 12
    Try this mel script to select the joints, used in the skinCluster of specific meshes:

    string $sl[] = `ls -sl -fl`;

    string $s;

    string $out[] = {};

    for ($s in $sl )


    select -r $s;

    string $skin[] = `skinCluster -q -inf`;

    print( $skin );

    appendStringArray( $out, $skin, size($skin) );


    select -r $out;

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