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Blender- Shrinkwrap modifier issue with retopology

polycounter lvl 2
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Yogev polycounter lvl 2
I started to do retopology for a character, and there is a weird issue when I try and connect things together. I have the clipping option turned on for the Mirror modifier, but the two sides don't always clip at the middle.
I thought it might be a problem with the Mirror modifier at first, but it seems to be the Shrinkwrap modifier that cause the issue. When I turned the Shrinkwrap, the clipping works fine.
Does anyone know what can cause it, and how to fix the issue?


  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    I find the mirror clipping works best in vertex mode. Make sure your origin is at 0,0,0.  Just a general note, use snapping set to faces and closest then Project individual elements in combination with shrinkwrap.

  • RN
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    RN sublime tool
    Something that can help when your original mesh looks very different to the shrinkwrapped result is that you can apply the Shrinkwrap as a shapekey, then delete all shapekeys first and then delete the shrinkwrap shapekey last (so it becomes the base mesh), and then adding a new Shrinkwrap modifier to keep working. This "stabilizes" the mesh.
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