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Question: Pre-Assembled or Assembled In-Engine

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royor node
Hi guys, I want to hear any thoughts regarding the matter of either sending out a modular set piece inside the Engine and assemble them there OR is it better to just assemble them in inside DCC tools.

 Thank you.


  • rollin
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    rollin polycounter
    What ever you do you usually want to re-use the meshes in-engine. So if you pre-assemble them you need to save just the transforms and then re-assemble stuff in-engine with some code.

    Exception would be the case where you don't need or want to re-use e.g. one wall multiple times but without some additional modifications on top of it. But I wouldn't call this the typical use case.
  • Ghogiel
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    Ghogiel greentooth
    Assuming you would be exporting parts multiple times but in different configurations if you set it up in the DCC. it'll be better to set up and assemble in engine. Engines have specific workflows just for this, ie prefabs in unity.
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