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[Closed/Filled] Need 2D Concept Art (&) Stylized 3D Modeler - Indie Budget

Who are we:

Hello! My name is Ethan I'm apart of a small indie dev studio that consists of a total of 2 people  :) 

Who we are looking for:

Currently looking for someone who can draw 2d concept art and then 3d model the concept art.

The Job & Game:

We require concept art of the towers the animals stand on, and the animals themselves.
The 2D art will also have to be translated over to 3D.
There are 5 towers that need to be made and a handful of animals.

The game is a tower defense with animals.
If you are familiar with Balloons Tower Defense or Roblox then let us know! We are trying to find a style like this.



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