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gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
Hi guys,

in the past I created several topics about projects of mine but I never finished these, so I want now to start as many others my own little art dump thread for posting all kind of work in progress pictures. No matter how much I work on projects, you'll get updates and I hope for a lot of critique and advice :)

So let me start with my latest, finished little project.
A color variation test for large scale forests/worlds.

Now I am working on something else - an environment with no vegetation at all. The blockout is kind of done .. well, at least for the major parts.
My goal with this landscape isn't to have the most fancy landscape of all, but I want to learn some more about ambient vfx.
Like snow drifiting, auroras (I am not sure about that, because it can be a bit over the top here), a flapping tent and sounds.

...and doing all of these (expect the sound) procedurally inside houdini ~


  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Todays progress:

    Changed the camera position and added a small plateu for the tent ... oh and maxed out the blue slider :+1:
    Definitly to much blue, it should be more desaturated, but I think it's overall a good start.

    For tomorrow I'll plan to jump over the more medium size details and make some fixes. What do you think so far?
    Or maybe I do model a proper tent. Let's see.

  • jStins
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    jStins greentooth
    Cool stuff. I personally prefer the version with a single tent as it makes the environment feel even more start and isolated.
  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks and I think you're right.
    I removed the second tent and added some other stuff.

    To the next steps ...
    After modelling the real tent, I plan to add a person, too. He/She sits in front of a small campping fire and is cooking some stuff and above him/her, on the rocky tower, is sitting an animal companion. Maybe a dog? Maybe not, but this part of the image is predestined for an element that's tells more about this person.

    Anyway - actually I am working on the ground shader to simulate the blowing wind.
    Later I add some particle wind + I want to try to create a custom skybox. Never did this before :D

  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Todays progress - added more material variation to the foreground and modelled a rough version of the tent + a person.

    Recently I get a lot of Daz3D adverts on youtube and I always disliked this program. Not the program itself, but the userbase seems kind of 'special'... but it seems it is pretty good for blocking out poses.
    After some fiddeling around with this application I see some use for this software, but gosh it is really unstable and ugly. Anyway.

  • teodar23
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    teodar23 keyframe
    I like the mood and the snow wavy-ness. But i think the ambient light is a bit too high. Its night time after all. Maybe lower the skylight contribution...
  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Yep, but that's a asthetical decision but I get your point.
    I think I'll darken it a bit later when I have the right HDRi. I downloaded Terragen for this ... yeeeah a new program to learn ... :P

    Anyway - it didn't changed a lot, but here you go:

    ...and the first draft of the tent. Actually this one is really hard to model for me.
    The fabric is way to loose at the moment, but I didn't get it right :/
    Tomorrow I give it another try.

  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Beside this project, I am working on a desert/oasis/zelda fan art scene.
    As you can see, this has nothing to do with zelda at the moment, but this is just a prototype.

    The zelda project is meant to be as a learning session for Houdini - building the whole thing procedurally. 
    When you know Zelda Breath of the wild, you may remember the oasis, where you get the female look-alike dress. This is what I want to achieve ... realistically. 

    As you can see, there is still a lot to do, but it gets to look like something :D 

  • m00k
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    m00k keyframe
    Cool enviro's keep it up!
  • Totozoos
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    Totozoos polygon
    Cool work, really like it.
  • Akash283
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    Akash283 polycounter lvl 4
    teodar23 said:
    I like the mood and the snow wavy-ness. But i think the ambient light is a bit too high. Its night time after all. Maybe lower the skylight contribution...
    I think the sky light level is fine- moonlit nights w/ full moon (my favorite lighting scenario) can be actually quite bright. Especially if there is white snow everywhere and the air is clear, I've observed really bright moonlit nights like this where visibility is quite high. Of course the moon should be full, which it is in the screencap. If it was a gibbous moon for example it wouldn't be that bright.

    Only thing I'd say is that moonlight is very hard to replicate since cameras aren't good at capturing how it looks to the naked eye so you can't find reference online. You have to go out and personally observe moonlight and just make notes and work off memory. I think your scene is doing a good job!
  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    @m00k & @Totozoos
    I am glad you like it :)
    Thanks for your kind words!

    Yep, I always try to illustrate the light intensity of our inner eye. Usually, when you walk up in a full moon landscape, it's pretty bright actually. Of course that is because our eyes are adapting to it, but overall when I think about nighttime it's not about darkness. More about some kind of strange brightness. That's my feeling. But that could be just me, because I do really like the night and the silence that brighten up my mind :D

    That's the feeling I wanted to show the viewer and it seems it works for some ^^

    Anyway ... during waiting on my access to Terragen, more about my desert/procedural project.

    It does now have spline support - Hurai!

    ...but as you can see, I have a lot of problems with some technical stuff. Dark splotches in the foliage (caused by DFAO), a super shabby looking water shader and strangely bright grass + water overlapping issues.

    A lot do do, but I am pretty motivated to get it done!

    ...and when everything works, I am going to the art department and do the nice looking things. These screenshots are just my R&D playground ^^

  • Cyaneyed
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    Cyaneyed polycounter lvl 2
    really liking the snowy scene. nice mood.
  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks - I am glad you like it. It's indeed really moody and I almost destryoed it - look below :disappointed:

    So guys,
    I added the sky and I was wrong. In my imagination, I thought having an epic sky would be awesome but no. It looks bad and it's destroying totally the mood. But the concept does work. Got now Terragen and from now on I'll render all of my skydomes. It's really cool to get exactly what you want.

    Anyway ... here my first attempt. The cloudy sky.
    It's way to noisy and it kills the composition completly You'll get a good focus to the center, but it's not a sky you would like to rest under. It looks kind of stormy.

    ...so I decided, to change that and disabled the first two layers of cumulus and it's back. The right mood. Now I have to add the stars, maybe some loose clouds and it should be good to go. What do you think?

    EDIT: This version got to bright.
  • Anton_Guzeev
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    Anton_Guzeev keyframe
    I think both versions look great! Just give off a different mood. I like the cloudy skies more because that creates more contrast between sleek shapes of human-made object and a rough nature around as if the sky and the mountains are together against this tiny camp. 
    But I am reading too much into that) 
    Anyway, really great project!
  • Finnn
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    Finnn polycounter lvl 3
    I really like both compositions, the lighting is awesome. I prefer the first one with the cloudy sky. You could even push the scene more if you turn the sky into a approaching storm, with lighting illuminating the clouds. The small tent then looks like the last desperate shelter from the incoming snow storm. just an idea, really like what you have already going on.
  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    I decided to go for the calm version and calling it finished now.
    I also thought about adding northern lights, but it was time to end this one :)

    Here is the end result. It doesn't changed to much, but I want to post the end result here:

    Initially I also wanted to make a short fly through, but Unreal decided to crash every time when I wanted to render. So no animation ^^

    ...but talking about storm and thunderclouds.
    I always wanted to make something like the iconic clouds of ghibli movies.
    So I started a new scene and the following is a heavily work in progress shot and for now it doesn't look anything like in my imagination, but I also want to share my mistakes.

    In the last few weeks I was about re-watching all of the Ghibli movies and I wanted to created something that is based in the world of Chihiro.
    Combining this with my plan to make an awesome cloud ... and after some research ... here and there ... I want to create a scene fully driven by reflections with a uncommon perspective.

    So I decided to go for the water surface scene, placed a train station and added a planar reflection capture ... and you see almost nothing.
    Okay, that's a bummer. of course this is just the blockout of the major elements, but the main attraction, the cloud, is barley visible :/
    My vision is to see these super nice (stormy) clouds in the reflection, with slightly turbulent water and rich colors like here in a sunset scene.
    As said, I have a long way to go ^^

  • gestoryscht
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    gestoryscht polycounter lvl 3
    Okay, some progress for today.
    Changed the ratio aspect ratio to the obvious, upright and added some more love to the scenery.
    Due to the circumstance to whatever I did, I moved the cloud inspiration to the next image, because I couldn't get the right reflections.

    So this is what I came up today.

    ...and what to do beside the work on details...

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