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What Apps Should i use for create 3d model character

i never touch any 3d software but when i see re3 remake jill valentine character that make me want to learn 3d model character, what i want to ask is what basic should i learn to create character and what software should i need to use for very beginner to make character ?


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    Hi there,  most people go with Zbrush, which is sculpting (and the one I'd suggest). But then you have people who use Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and a bunch of others. You can create one in any and there are too many advantages/disadvantages for me to list. I'd suggest checking out some videos on YouTube for Zbrush if your starting and see if its something your interested in!

    Side note - if your very-very new a more traditional program like Maya/3DSMax/Blender will help teach you more fundamentals for modelling. I know lots of people who hate using Zbrush because the UI is just so different to other programs. So if this applies to you I'd maybe backtrack on myself and suggest making a really simple character in blender or something just to experience a standard modelling program.

    Good luck, post in the 3D critiques section with progress if you need advice, there's lot's of helpful individuals around here.
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