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Highly-skilled Unreal Engine Blueprint Programmer for a fan-made project [CLOSED]


I'm a game designer who is currently studying for a degree in game design. I have a project I am currently designing which is based off of an iconic anime, titled Dragon Ball. This project is a pure action game, inspired by Bayonetta. 

I am looking for a highly-skilled Unreal Engine Blueprint Programmer experienced with developing complex combat systems similar to that of Devil May Cry, and has a skilled expertise in enemy AI behavior. This project will be fun, exciting and very straight to the point. 

An additional benefit would be if the programmer:
- Has experience playing Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, or Ninja Gaiden Black. 
- Is very familiar with Dragon Ball games.
- Can dissect and communicate the design of games. 
- Follows Dragon Ball.
- Is passionate about the anime.

Please send me an email showcasing your portfolio, I look forward to working with you and discussing about this project together! 

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