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How should i learn C++ for UE4 ??


I want to work in the future in the Game-Industrie as a 3D-Artist.. I am already capable of 3D Modelling so im learning right now how to Create a Game ( I am learning Programming right now. )

Here are some questions answered:
Why are you learning Programming when you want to work as a 3D-Artist?
If i apply as a 3D-Artist for a Job i can show them what i already did. Im also planning in the Future creating a Artstation Profile and post the Assets wich i created there.. They are also gonna see that im capable of learning and i have experience in the Game Creation and know the Workflow.

Why C++ and not Blueprints?
Im planning to use 80% C++ and 20% Blueprints ( Blueprints especially for Animations, UI, HUD and so on )... Why not 100% Blueprints well because of the performance i dont want to create a Game wich have horrible Performance. ( Im also planning if i have enough knowledge to create a big game (No i am not speaking of the next Red Dead Redemption 2 im being realistic..) wich also speaks for C++. I also like the flexibility of C++ )

What's the problem?
Well, Its actually almost impossible to find any good C++ UE4 Tutorials and if i read a Book i get a headache. I already learned the Basics of Standard C++ i also know how to create components in C++ ( StaticMesh, Camera, CameraBoom and so on) my big Problem is creating the logic for example if you press Left Mouse Button you spawn a Actor or if you look at a weapon a message pops up and so on. I am also not ready to pay for a Udemy Course i cant really afford that.

I hope you can understand me and help me further because right now i am stuck. If any of my Answers for the Questions are wrong please correct me i appreciate every answer.



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