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Experienced VFX artist - RyseUp Studios

Hi guys, I'm producer at RyseUp Studios - a video game studio based in Lyon, in France

  • We're looking for an experienced VFX Artist who could work full time and on site, to work mainly on our main project, Roboquest, a stylized fast paced FPS, but also for our other IPs (mostly VR games at the moment). You will have to understand the requests and comments from management and transpose them to the production of VFX. You will also have to unify the existing VFX under the same artistic direction. And finally, you will manage one or more junior VFX artists.
  • Skill required:
    • Unreal Engine 4 - Strong knowledge in VFX with Unreal Engine's Cascade (knowledge with Niagara is also appreciated).
    • Artstyle - Strong knowledge on the pipeline to produce simplified, cartoon VFX
    • Independant - Ability to realize its own 2D assets like decals, sprite sheet, and so on, without the help of a concept artist
    • Independant (optional) - Ability to concept VFXs in 2D as well as making simple VFXs to show your ambitions and talk it through with the Art Director

You can reach us at jobs@ryseupstudios.com

Thanks ♥

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