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Mark Ranson AAA 10 years experience available for freelance work

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Hello there

My name is Mark Ranson, I am a professional 3D game artist with over 10 years experience in games, AAA titles as a senior artist and have recently just owned the artwork for the entire Days of War project. As its covid lock down, I am available for additional side freelance work. I specialise in creating AAA quality artwork, both hard surface and organic modelling, full pipeline from start to finish. On top of being passionate about creating visually beautiful artwork, i also have an enthusiasm for optimisation, technical support and consulting on any project. I have 15 titles under my belt at this point and 16th in the progress. I pride myself on being very fast at what I do, I find my day rate to be fair, and can offer a wide range of skills in the entire pipeline ensuring the project is done to the highest visual quality and best performance at all times. 

Please contact me at:

[email protected]

Also for more portfolio please visit


Mark Ranson
Artist and Director at Inspired Polygons Ltd

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