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My name is Elijah Thompson, and I am an entrepreneur driven by creativity and innovation. Animation is one of main passions and I have spent much of my time figuring out how to bring imaginative and engaging animated content to the internet in a way that gives value to consumers and especially to creators.

The Digital Age brought a wealth of opportunity to many creative's who were willing to invest  the time, patience, and effort. The things that a single person with a dream, the right about of nerve, and computer can do are astounding, but I've often imagined how much more a team of people who share a unique vision can achieve. Sometimes it feel like we lack the money, the skills, or the know how, or even the courage to put ourselves out there and create something of value, but with he right network of minds, we could support each other and use our collective value to create the sort of opportunities that we could never have alone.

Okay, sorry for the long pitch, the point is, I am assembling a core team of uniquely skilled individuals to become the foundation of a collaborative - network who will work in cooperation to create revenue generating content to distribute across online platforms. A company that's based on the internet and built for interaction. A n assortment of creative minds and influential connections who work together but independently . A professional social network, essentially. And I want You to share partial ownership of this company with me and the rest of our core team.

So, what'll ya say?

Everything begins with an idea, you know that better than anyone. An idea is like a seed that is planted in a land of uncertainty and nurtured by faith, hope, and hard work. Most fantastic ideas need way more than one person to believe in them for them to manifest. The first order of business is producing an original animated series that I believe will captivate and inspire audiences; but I need your help to bring it to life.

Are you interested?

If... I mean, When we manage to pull this off, it will only be the beginning of what we will achieve, only the first brick of an empire that each core team member will share a piece a of.

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