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[WIP] Banshee

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Hey everyone, this is my current project based off a concept by Alexander Shatohin. Currently concentrating on making a bust initially to get the hard parts out of the way ie face sculpting and hair and using this opportunity to learn more about various hair workflows to improve myself in this area and make the fur and helmet "plume" less of a challenge in the future.

I'm trying to go for a likeness of Luca Hollestelle a Dutch actress and model. (eyebrows and eyelashes are placeholders)


  • AmShaegar
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    AmShaegar polycounter lvl 4
    I've been working on the hair recently and am nearly calling it done, did a couple of redo's before I was happy with it but I learnt a huge amount about XGen hair cards creation and placing and hair shading. I intend to have a separate hairstyle with the helmet on largely based around this one with cards that interfere removed and some added flyaways.
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