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[RevShare] Dungeon crawler game needs 3D Creature/Character Artist & 3D Environment Artist.

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Good day !
We are Trimatra Interactive, a team of developers currently working on a dungeon crawler game similar to Hexen and Doom called Undaunted and based in greek mythology.
As far as development goes, we have concept art, music and even a running demo with some basic mechanics. Nonetheless, we are still looking for 3D Character Artists and 3D Environment Artists that help us build the ingame creatures, and settings so we can develop a more appealing demo ready for it's presentation with investors. We made a pitch already and got 3 companies interested in our project but we still  need to push forward to have us in a more competitive position from where to negotiate a better deal ;);)

We are pursuing realistic proportions over all, with some stylistic tweaks to keep things interesting.
We are looking for the usual:

3D Creature/Character Artist:
-Anatomy understanding.
-knowledge in sculpting hardsurface and organic.
-texturing (we use Substance Designer and Painter).
-knowledge of Unity a plus.

3D Environment Artist:
-good understanding about form and function related to architectural design.
-knowledge in sculpting hardsurface and organic.
-knows how to portray destroyed structures.
-knowledge of Unity a plus.

Check our last Devlog:
We work online!
Through Discord and usually just text.

If you got any questions or desire to apply for the possition and know the terms, email me at [email protected]
Send me your:
-Full name
-Possition wanted
-Time we can expect you to work with us weekly.
-Online portfolio

REMEMBER this is a Rev Share model of business.

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