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[FINISHED] The Friendly Giant

Hey everyone,

Latest personal project. Spent a good four weeks in total working on this.

Sculpted the base mesh in ZBrush from a sphere. Used Marion R. Nunez skin brushes to sculpt pores and wrinkes manually.
Enhanced with multi-channel pack from Texturing XYZ, and also used micro-displacement maps for close-up pore details.
Projecting an albedo from the multi-channel pack allowed me to achieve a realistic look in terms of skin color, but I also used Substance Painter to enhance the albedo some more (looking at Magdalena Dadela's Substance videos).

Finally, the eyebrows, peachfuzz and eyelashes were created with fibermesh.
Rendered in real-time with Marmoset.

All feedback is very appreciated!

More images on my ArtStation


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