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[Solved] [3ds Max/Arnold] Mikkt Normal Map problems/conversion.

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Hello anyone.

I had some weird black border artefacts whenever I render low-poly objects with Arnold (3ds Max). The artefacts do not appear in Sketchfab, Substance Painter or Unreal. After some troubleshooting and looking on the internet, the issue seems to be that the normal maps are in "Mikkt" space (baked in Substance painter) as opposed to Tangent space non-Mikkt. 3Ds Max's Arnold (and Maya, from what I read) does not support this Mikkt normal map format, resulting in black outlines on sharp geometry vs camera angles.

Most information I could find on the internet about Mikkt normal maps in relation to 3ds Max was rather sparse, so I was wondering if anyone could answer these questions;

- Is there a way to make Arnold (3ds Max) Mikkt compatible? Most info says no, but the information I could find was somewhat old.
- Is there a way to make Substance Painter not bake normal maps in Mikkt format? Or even convert them on export (I'm looking into export configurations at the moment, but have little experience/hope that this might fix anything).
- Is there any other software that gives you the choice to bake in either Mikkt or Tangent space non-Mikkt? Or, ideally, convert Mikkt normal maps to tangent space non-Mikkt normal maps?

Again, I have little experience with this "Mikkt" format (don't even know what it stands for) and only know it's "better" or something for real-time renderings. Any additional information could be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Mikkt is a Tangent space type as clarified by rollin.
Edit: Upcoming 3ds Max (2021) will support Mikkt.


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