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MAYA XGen: Align scalp over new head mesh

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I wonder if some great soul can help me. I have been struggling for two days and still couldn't find a solution on the Internet. 
I made a torso with separated scalp meshes where to create Xgen hair for beard, peachfuzz hair, eyebrows, etc. 
The other day I had to make the torso's neck a bit thinner and now the scalp mesh is a bit bigger than the torso. 
Can anyone tell me if Maya has a tool such as ''Project All'' from Zbrush to adjust this scalps to the new torso mesh?
What is the most common approach for this issue?
Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards,

Osmar A.


  • oglu
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    Use the quaddraw tool and smooth the scalp onto the new geo. 
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    ARTEHAGA polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you oglu. I had the scalp already made with the Xgen hair also already created.
    I finally found the solution. First I had to left Click the scalp and right after to Shift+Left Click the new body geometry (a bit smaller than the previous one I created the scalps with) and then I went go to Deform/ShrinkWrap to click the options box... Projection: Closest, Bidirectional: checked, Single ShrinkWrap Node: Checked. All the rest un-checked.

    The hair and hidden scalps now adapted perfectly to the new geometry so they are not floating in the air anymore. 

    Big Thanks.

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