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Answered: Custom materials from textures.com lose some textures on import

I have downloaded some textures of a material from textures.com and created a custom material out of them in DDo but when I use it in a project some maps are only a color fill without texture.
It consists of albedo, metalness, roughness, normal and ao.
When I load the textures in the Custom Material Creator menu the textures all work and the preview looks ok.
The color values are slightly different from the original files but I assume that's Quixel doing something to adjust them.
After saving the material the thumbail looks ok and I can't tell if the .psb files look correct or not but at least they contain a texture and not just a single color.
However, when I use the custom material in a project the Albedo map is simply a color fill in the photoshop layer without any layer effect applied to it.
The Metalness map has a layer effect applied to it but it is not visible unless I set the reflectance value very low instead of white.
This is not the first time I have this problem. Some custom materials work, some don't. Deleting the material and creating it again makes no difference.
I have also noticed that the black in my metalness becomes a dark grey upon loading it into the Custom Material Creator. Shouldn't metalness be either black or white?
The textures are in tif-format, btw.



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