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Looking for 2D and 3D artists/animators for Steampunk & War of the Worlds inspired video game

Hello Polycount!

We are currently working on a multiplayer RTS/FPS hybrid, using Valve’s Source Engine, which features an art direction heavily inspired by World War 1, with a mix of steampunk and war of the worlds influence.

The game features both humanoid and alien teams with various character classes available for players to utilise, alongside vehicles, in large arenas. Additionally, players can construct various objects around the level using resources they collect, to aid in combat, as well as help their team defend key areas.

The game itself is currently in a pre-alpha state, with many fundamental game elements completed and implemented – however we are currently lacking artists to push our vision forward.

We are looking for 2D and 3D artists and animators who can aid us in developing the sets of weapons, vehicles, characters and other devices that are to be featured in the game.

In addition to this we are also looking for environmental artists who are familiar with tools such as Hammer to help design what the game world should look like. The foundation of the setting is set in a 1910s era Earth that has been invaded by aliens after strange fauna had burst from the ground. 

Experience with the Source Engine is a preference.

If you’re interested, please message us on our Discord server. 
https://discord.gg/TJ29VA in the channel 'invasion-general'

Or alternatively, contact hogsy#9210 on Discord.
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