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Starting to build a team for Pirate themed aRPG

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EDIT: PROJECT CANCELLED due to lack of interest and lack of quality people applying!!

Project Title

Oceans Dark: Curse of Mithra

Oceans Dark is a Pirate/Fantasy themed Action RPG in third person perspective but with typical designs and features that you would find in diablo like topdown ARPG's. The game will be fast paced and will be story driven. The story is fantasy combined with the real world history of piracy. The player will go on adventures by sailing the ocean and finding treasure islands. There they will fight civilization, fantasy creatures or rival pirate factions to eventually plunder and loot the treasures the islands and the enemies hold. Prepare to participate in rum smuggling, slave trading, treasure finding by joining a pirate faction that stands for one of those things. Battle sea monsters, civilization ships or rival pirate faction ships in naval gameplay.
  • Not an MMORPG!
  • No Large open worlds
  • Singleplayer only
  • Ambitious but doable scope!
  • Passion project
Completed a basic prototype already in just 1 month time:


Team Name:
Rebel Camp Games

Team Structure:
Stefan Geerinckx - Project Manager, Programmer, UI/UX Designer (http://www.stefan-geerinckx.be)

Just starting to build a new team after the project been put on the shelf. Will update this section when recruited more people.

Previous Work:
Find our previous work (including released titles) on our website:


Talent Required:

- Lead Artist
- Concept Artist
- 3D Character Artists (Armor/Clothing sets, Customizations like hairstyles etc)
- 3D Creature Artists
- Animators
- 3D Weapons and Props Artist
- Story Writer
- Musician
- SFX Engineer
- QA Tester(s)
  • Have skills in the mentioned roles we're looking for
  • Have at least 10 hours per week to contribute to the project
  • Have a portfolio or work samples to show (Juniors are welcome, but you should at least have some self-thaught or school project experience)
  • Have a passion for RPG games


E-mail: rebelcampgames@gmail.com
Discord: RebelCampGames#5613
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