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Dragon Battle Painting - how to fix LIGHTING & COMPOSITION?

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Greetings hoomans! How to correct the shadows on the dragons + clouds? Also how to convey sense of motion better?


  • Will_Maccabe
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    Will_Maccabe polycounter lvl 2

    It's not a bad sense of motion, per se. I think you are too far into the painting to now get a sense of motion as that comes with a)poses and b) composition and c) you can use effects such as blurs if done correctly. The poses would give the best sense of motion, so think like än animator with squash and stretch positions and anticipation. It's difficult to explain. For example, the white dragon could be at the end of his "strike" with some "stretch" in animators  speak (the 12 principles of animation) .  Here is an explanation on wiki.
    As regarding shadows. You haven't done a bad job here btw.  Work out where the light is coming from and add some darker colours on the opposite side if you are going for an increase in contrast. (you could mix in blues and a bit of black).

    Hope that helps.
  • dank_pigeon
    HeLLo @Will_Maccabe ,
    Thanks for the tips and link! What are good places to put some blur?
    Good pt about mixing in some blues. 
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