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[CLOSED] 3D character animator.

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JustinK polycounter lvl 7
[PAID Freelance]
I'm looking for a freelance character animator to rig and animate a full 3D character for unity and UE asset stores.

I'm looking for a Rig, and 3-10 animations.

exp in facial rigging
- eyes
- open mouth
exp in making rigs compatible with unity/ue4
exp with animation state machine systems. eg: mecanim
exp in rigging/skinning dress type garments

Love of horror.
exp with rigging higher poly models 20-50k
exp in collision rigging
exp in dynamic bone rigging
exp in cloth sim
exp in making corrective skin weights

Please email your reel/portfolios/any examples of similar work to [email protected]
Please insert "character animator" in the subject line.

Thank you 


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