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Hi, guys. 
I made a  tool for quick rename and transfer your meshes to Marmoset Toolbag(3.08)
the older version doesn't have python support for quick load FBX in the baking group.

I did this basically because  I tired of popup export windows and choosing a path to export FBX and then choose a path to a marmoset. Another common problem for me is overlapping UV it's very annoying to find the problems with materials or UVs after bake. So I implement check low-poly 
for common issues that may cause bake problems. Firstly UV checked for overlap mesh in 0-1 UV space for the material. if u have multiple materials the script will setup toolbag for multilateral bake.

so if your hi-poly mesh well aligned to low-poly, you can press just one button to open them in Marmoset (Shift + To Toolbag)
if not u can easily rename in semi-automatic mode. Just select two or more meshes that should have qual name and hit "rename manual"
and the use of export buttons.

this video shows the one-click export mode:

and more complex explanations

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