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[Paid] Looking for artist to design and/or model characters and environments for Unity Mobile Game

Hello fellow artists,


Before diving into details about what I'm looking for, I wanted to give some background as to who I am. I'm a non-gaming software developer by day and a indie game developer by night. Game development has been something that I've always wanted to do but never actually pursued. In order to fulfill some of that desire, I've chosen to play around with Unity so that one day I can publish something that is aesthetically pleasing and reasonably fun to play on a casual basis.

Over the years, I've played with Unity on and off to the point where I'm some what comfortable with on the development side, but for the life of me, I cannot get creative character and environment design. You can throw me all the pre-made assets as much as you can, but if it's not already laid out, then I might as well not use it.


A not very creative indie developer looking for an artist to fulfill his dreams of building a game


I'm basically on a journey to search for artists that can help me bring my game to life. I want it to at least feel original enough (art wise) that is not a copy or a template from some just another purchasable pre-made asset.

The game concept is simple and not really original so hopefully shouldn't be too much of a challenge. The main idea is that I'm looking to build a MOBA game with a few characters based on your standard RPG style character classes. 


  • Mage/Wizard
  • Healer/Support
  • Swordsman
  • Thief/Rogue
  • Archer/Hunter
  • Alchemist/Necromancer
Ideally these characters are designed well enough that they are flexible to hold different weapons and headgears. In order to ensure that it gets to a level that I'm happy with, I'll be looking for some that can provide some concept designs and then turn them into something that can be 3D modeled. It'll be a bonus if you can 3D model and animate it as well, otherwise that's another opening for someone else to tackle later on.

Now, onto the next part, the part where it'll probably require even more back and forth.

Environments / Maps

So aside from looking for characters, I'm also looking for an environment artist that can help design and model 3D maps for the game. For the time being, I'll only be needing one map that I can play test with and demo. The initial map will be used for something like Capture the Flag that also encourages PvP/battles. More details can be given if you are interested.


Keep in mind that the game's main platform will be iOS and Android devices. I want the player to be able to enjoy some of the aesthetics but at the same time have enough juice to play a couple 10 minute games here and there throughout the day.


It's going to be some sort of J-RPG Fantasy style character. If interested, just feel free to message me for more details.

Game References
These games are just for style references that I find aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks for taking the time to read any of this, hopefully you found something interesting out of this job post. If there's enough interest in my project, then shoot me a message and provide me with your portfolio and rates!
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