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Old Town Environment Diorama

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Hi! I've been working on this personal project in my spare time of an old medieval market diorama. 

My main focus for the piece is to work on my set-dressing skills, but alongside this I thought it would also be good to practice lighting and 3d asset creation more.

In the centre of the diorama there will be a well which I am currently in the process of creating. The roads and circular middle section will be cobblestone and mud and the outer edges will be foliage and grass. I will most likely get the grass and foliage from megascans.

Most of the assets were created in Zbrush, Maya and Substance - the hay assets were created using Xgen however, the trees with Treeit and market-stall cloth with Marvelous.

If you have any thoughts or feedback let me know.

(Portfolio: https://tommartyn.artstation.com/)

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